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About IneedSpex

Ineedspex has been supplying  prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses at low cost direct to our customers for the past 5 years. We pride ourselves on the quality of our prescription spectacles, on our customer service and on our speedy delivery.

Most spectacles are dispatched within 48 hours of order, some on the same day!

We are not the only company to supply glasses direct to the customer online, so what makes us different?

We supply standard prescription spectacles and prescription sunglasses using quality frames and lenses sourced from the same suppliers as your High Street optician, and our competitors, might use. We also supply unusual frames including rimless, plastic, antique and sporting models in the same high quality as the others on our online shop.

Ineedspex has expertise in supplying vintage, standard or indeed any spectacles for use in TV, film and stage productions. Our technicians can supply you with prescription glasses for any type of production, or, if required, plain lenses for those cast members requiring spectacles, but no prescription. If you are looking for that elusive style of spectacle frame, why not give us a call?

While we concentrate on supplying standard frames and lenses at the cheapest possible price while not compromising quality and service, we will try to help even those with unusual needs.

Why just depend on our extensive range? Ineedspex are one of the few online internet shops who will fit quality prescription lenses to YOUR frames. That favourite pair which you treasure, or that designer bargain you picked up at the big name remainder store. Simply send them to us with your prescription and your choice of coatings or tints and for just £15 plus carriage we will fit new prescription lenses.

We care for you, our customer. We understand that buying spectacles online can be worrying. To help overcome this, we provide a “sample frame” scheme for just £5 (discounted from your order) so you can try ANY frame in the comfort of your own home.

(Please note – you will be charged full cost if the frame is not returned in perfect condition). We are also happy to provide any advice on your prescription spectacle needs via email, or on our FREE telephone service (0800 1123564).

Coronavirus Statement

The current Covid-19 situation means that like many other businesses at this time, our lens suppliers and labs are either closed or running at reduced capacity.

This inevitably means there will be delays to custom prescription glasses or reglazing orders. If you have an urgent requirement to replace broken glasses, please contact us and we’ll do our best to help. 

Meanwhile, as the better Spring weather approaches, please check out our range of non-prescription sunglasses that are available for delivery straight from stock!