Menrad 395 Shooting/Outdoor Glasses


Vintage aviator shaped, double comfort bridge frame with curl sides.

Price includes single vision prescription lenses. Additional lens options available during purchase.

Frame Dimensions

Lens Width (mm): 58
Lens Height (mm): 54
Bridge Size (mm): 16
Arm Length (mm): 165
Full Width (mm): 145

Frame Details

This, unworn frame, is just as pertinent today as it was when made in Germany by Menrad all those years ago.

This is a very robust frame with curl temples to make sure that the glasses remain on ones face while doing “extreme sports”.

If they are going to be used for shooting, please remember that they must have polycarbonate lenses to conform to legal requirements (see our lens options). We can also add a yellow “image enhancing” tint to help with that all elusive “left & right”.