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Earth Day 2020

This Earth Day will no doubt be the most memorable for a generation.  As humans suffer the effects of the terrible virus, reports are emerging of how the earth is healing. From the crystal clear waters of Venice to the low pollution emissions recorded over countries and cities.

There are so many contributing factors to the issues of the planet we face, social, economical, political etc. The problems are so much bigger than as we go about our daily lives. So what can we do to make a difference?

A simple change is shifting the way we shop. By shifting the way we shop and making conscious decisions about the brands we support, we can become the change we wish to see.

At INeedSpex we like to pass it forward. 

We are partnered with the charity Humanity Direct who provide eye tests and prescription glasses to those who need them in Africa, and you can help… by sending us your unwanted frames! For every pair of unwanted frames we receive, we send two pairs of new frames out to those who need them in Africa.  

1 unwanted frame = 2 wanted frames!

By shopping consciously you are contributing to positive change without sacrificing on quality or style.

Earth Day 2020 1

Shopping vintage/ pre-loved has had a makeover, it no longer as the stigma of going round looking like your nanna! Vintage/pre-loved can be whatever you want it to be. It can be those ultra stylised retro looks or simple classics that are always in style.

We recondition frames. Have you ever considered putting your prescription in some reconditioned specs? We put our frames through a process of an ultra sonic cleaning bath, hinges cleaned and tightened and nose pads replaced. The options for reconditioned frames are vast from the designer brands, to the NHS classics and everything in between.

Get creative, customise your look and step out of the fast fashion arena, there are many pluses to shopping reconditioned. Whether it’s having multiple pairs in different styles or turning sunglass frames into reading glasses.

Make a change. If we all make a small change it will create a big wave.  Let’s live here as if we plan to stay.


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