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The Goren is one of our latest reproduction historical / retro designed frames based on a design used during the American Civil War. Its main feature of the “X” bridge gives it great stability and strength. It is available in:  Shiny Gold and Antique Gun.

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The iconic shape of The Goren, although taken from the American Civil War period, was developed for an epic blockbuster “Russian” film by the same designer of the famous Harry Potter “Windsor” bridge frame worn by Daniel Radcliffe. (The Harry Potter frame was the inspiration for The Warwick, which can be found in our top Savile Row range).

The idea came from the nineteenth century, in particular from a famous print Les Lunettes by Louis-Léopold Boilly(1823) which shows five French men and women using different types of optical aid including a quizzing glass, folding lorgnette, wig spectacles with jointed sides, nose spectacles and a spyglass.

We are not sure where the name “Goren” came from, but it has no connection to the Goren Bridge bidding system, except that it can be used as a half-eye frame allowing you to look over the top at your cards. In keeping with the “period” theme, “The Goren” has straight sides, like “The Victorian Oval” which holds the frame to your face using side pressure rather than sides that curl behind your ears.

Neither can we find any connection to Detective Robert “Bobby” Goren from the television drama series “Law and Order”!

For those looking for the genuine article, we, very occasionally, are sent the odd example and pride ourselves in being one of the few companies around that are prepared to re-glaze most original vintage and period glasses. This is done at your own risk! We will advise you in advance if we think that the frame will not survive the ordeal.

Genuine Victorian Oval frames are easier to find and we usually have a few in stock even though they may not be on the Ineedspex website. It is always worth ringing us on 01531 650898 to find out.

For those actors amongst you, it is worth reminding you that we can put an “anti-reflective” coating on the lenses, which will cut out most of the reflection from stage lights. We also have a “hire service”, which is popular with amateur dramatic societies (probable because it so reasonable!). This service is a bit complicated to administer, so if it is of interest, please contact us.

Finding period, historical, vintage and retro frames is becoming more and more difficult. We are always on the lookout for more stock. So, if you are a costume hire company or amateur dramatic group with a ”dressing up” box with some frames laying around, we would love to talk!

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