Period Glasses for Film TV & Theatre

Ineedspex has provided period glasses for costumes used in film, TV & theatrical productions for years.

Our unique vintage and retro styled frames are perfect for that authentic look in a range of productions.

We stock a range of genuine vintage glasses and reproduction retro glasses, many of which are perfect for period dramas and productions set in the last 5 decades and beyond.


Prescription/Non-Prescription Lens Options

Any of our frames can be fitted with the lenses of your choice, which range from custom prescription lenses made up to your cast members unique prescription, or for those who do not usually wear glasses, we can fit a plain non-prescription lens to any frame.

period glasses

Costume Glasses

Check out our carefully selected choice of frames most ordered by our film, TV & theatrical customers.

Any of our frames can be ordered for theatrical use.

If you’re looking for a specific style that you don’t see on our website, contact us, we may be able to help!

Period Glasses Buy-Back Offer

We appreciate that small amateur dramatics societies in particular work to very limited budgets, and to that end, we operate a buy-back scheme for frames that may be required for a short time.

Simply send us back your undamaged frame, with a copy of your original purchase receipt, and we’ll refund you the cost of the frame less £10 handling fee.

Regretfully we are unable to refund the cost of your lenses due to their bespoke nature.