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Frame Construction

Prescription Spectacles

Prescription glasses have historically been expensive items to buy or replace, but with our affordable range of frames available online at a fraction of high street prices, you can afford to own the right glasses for you.

Glasses Online

Our frames come with single vision lenses as standard, but you can customise your glasses with some of the many optional slimline or polycarbonate shatterproof lenses, and add one of our lens coatings to reduce glare or filter blue light from electronic display devices.

We also offer transition or photochromatic lenses that darken when exposed to UV light, or you may prefer a polarising lens that removes glare.

If you need some help to decide which options suit you best, do give our customer service staff a call on 0800 1123 564 before placing your order. They’ll guide you through the various options available for your prescription glasses.