Replacement Lenses


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Glasses Lens Replacement

Keep your existing frame and let us fit replacement lenses for your glasses or sunglasses.

You could even use an old pair of frames and convert them into prescription sunglasses with tinted lenses!

Lenses are made to your current prescription and replaced by our skilled technicians in our UK lab.

How To Order Your Replacement Lenses

Please note: All replacement lenses are fitted at your own risk, as some older frames may be brittle and have the potential to break when fitting new lenses.

When you’ve selected your lens options below and completed checkout, please print a copy of your purchase receipt that will arrive in your email inbox, along with a copy of your prescription form (if you have chosen to send with your frame).

Simply enclose all paperwork with your carefully wrapped frames and send to:

W and R Enterprises
Redhill House
GL19 3JU

If you have any questions about replacement lenses, please contact our customer service staff on: 0800 1123 564. They will be able to advise if your frame can be re-glazed.

Price includes standard single vision prescription lenses. 

Additional lens options available during purchase.