Round Glasses

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Round glasses are bang on trend at the moment and is one of the most recognisable spectacle shapes with legendary wearers including Daniel Ratcliffe as Harry Potter, veteran rocker Ozzy Osbourne and of course John Lennon.

Round Eye Spectacles

The rounded frame specs often give the impression of intelligence and are often featured in vintage movies or films from the early 1900’s when the style was popular.

These days, round glasses are often worn with non-prescription lenses simply as a fashion accessory. Many enjoy wearing round frames with a slight coloured tint to the lens.

The iconic style is likely never to go out of fashion. We sell several variations from the exquisitely hand crafted Savile Row Round Eye to the more budget conscious Connaught.

We stock frames in a range of different colours, and you can select either a reproduction frame, or choose from one of our one off vintage frames.

Whichever frame you choose, you can personalise your glasses with lenses of your choice, making them fully unique to you.