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Savile Row Glasses

Savile Row Eyewear, originally founded in the 1890’s is an iconic bespoke eyewear brand worn by top Hollywood celebrities including Johnny Depp, John Lennon, Audrey Hepburn, Harrison Ford & Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter.

Algha Works

Savile Row glasses are still manufactured using machinery that dates back to its origins in 1898, providing unique, tailor made pieces that are synonymous with the brand and never go out of style. Each frame is manufactured with rolled 18 carat gold and subjected to over 120 meticulous processes before deemed ready for dispatch to the customer.

These hand crafted frames are available with your own custom lenses fitted to your prescription. While the frames exude retro style, our lenses are available with the latest cutting edge coatings, giving you the best possible solution for great eyesight with impeccable style.

All Savile Row frames are individually made by hand in London, so please allow, at least, 14 days for delivery.