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Vintage glasses have become the ultimate fashion accessory, worn by everyone from rock ‘n roll & rockabilly fans and movie fanatics, to period costume enthusiasts, re-enactment groups and amateur actors, the list is endless.

We stock a wide variety of genuine pre-worn glasses that are ultrasonically cleaned, repaired and prepared for new lenses to your prescription. We can also fit replacement lenses to your existing vintage glasses.

In addition to genuine vintage items, we are also an authorised re-seller of Savile Row genuine reproduction retro glasses worn by movie stars, royalty and pop icons. These beautiful frames have been hand made since the 1930’s and are still manufactured today using the same machinery.

If you are searching for a particular style of frame or need specs for a particular purpose, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’re always receiving new vintage glasses frames into stock, and have extensive contacts within our industry.