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Unbelievable Electric Blue/Crystal "Cat's Eye"


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If one could get sentimental over a pair of vintage /retro glasses, these could be the ones!

The shape of the lenses does not really lend themselves to take progressive lenses, but, from a period aspect, bi-focals would be more appropriate.

People were smaller in the 1950’s, so please check the measurements below to see if this frame is suitable.

Lens Diagonal


Bridge Size


Arm Length


Lens Height


Frame Width


This frame is so incredible that we are not sure that we really want to sell it! It is in such good condition as be a collectors item.

Hidden in a box in a basement for the last 50 years, the clear crystal bridge and temple tips are as clear as the day they were made. The up swept “cat’s eye” brows, in bright mottled electric blue,  blend into the temples before finishing in clear crystal tips.

The shape of the “supra” (semi rimless) lenses are an iconic statement of 1950’s spectacle fashion.

Availability: 1 in stock

    Right Eye

    Left Eye