Ainsley The “statement” frame


The heavy looking black front has bright yellow sides with black lines and black tips.

This is an exceptionally lightweight frame, made from TR-90 material, although its appearance would suggest a much heavier frame.

Price includes single vision prescription lenses. Additional lens options available during purchase.

Frame Dimensions

Lens Width (mm): 55
Lens Height (mm): 42
Bridge Size (mm): 16
Arm Length (mm): 140
Full Width (mm): 145

Frame Details

The Ainsley is a contradiction. It’s first appearance is that of a heavy frame. The front being almost reminiscent of the Michel Cain era of solid black frames. The reality being that the frame, without lenses, weighs a mere 17g!

This is definitely the frame to wear if you wish to be noticed. Apart from the strong front, the bright yellow sides with black sides, makes this a fairly unique frame.

Made from TR-90 thermoplastic material, the Ainsley is very suitable for varifocal lenses and would make a good pair of driving sunglasses by the addition of a grey tint, or virtually any other colour tint you want.