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Ineedspex is what you might call the hidden gem of classic vintage & retro spectacles. Our speciality is one off genuine vintage frames, sourced from all over the world. Every vintage frame is ultrasonically cleaned, adjusted and prepared to receive your own new prescription lenses.

Buying Guide

All of our prices include standard single vision lenses, however, once you’ve selected your frame, you can choose from a range of options to customise your glasses to your taste. 

Options include thinner lenses, a range of coatings including anti-scratch, blue light filters and UV400 and options that turn your glasses into sunglasses. (See the next tab).

Any of our standard optical frames can be turned into prescription sunglasses, simply choose “sunglasses” as your lens coating during checkout. You’ll then be presented with the option of a colour, and the choice of standard,  polarising or transition lenses.

We offer a selection of coloured tints for your sunglasses, however if you select polarising or transition lenses, these are restricted to brown, grey or green tints.

Your prescription should be no more than 2 years old. If yours is older, please arrange for an eye test with your local optician.

Once you have your new prescription, you can send it to us along with your order during checkout. Either complete the information from your prescription into our form, or attach a scan.

We can usually deal with even the most complex prescriptions, but should you have any concerns, do please contact us before placing your order and we’ll do our best to assist you.

We offer a reglazing service for your existing frames. If you have a frame that is sitting in a drawer or your lenses have become scratched or damaged, why not bring it back to life with some new lenses?

Our replacement lenses service is an affordable way to breathe new life into an old frame, or simply update your prescription in your current pair of glasses. Simply send us your frame with your prescription, and we’ll have it back to you within 14 days! 

Popular Spectacles Shapes & Styles

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Cats Eye
Half Eye

Authorised Savile Row Eyewear Retailer

Savile Row Eyewear is one of the most iconic spectacle brands in the world. Celebrities who have worn these individually hand crafted frames include Harrison Ford, John Lennon, Audrey Hepburn, Daniel Radcliffe and Johnny Depp. Now you can enjoy them too.

Coronavirus Statement

The current Covid-19 situation means that like many other businesses at this time, our lens suppliers and labs are either closed or running at reduced capacity.

This inevitably means there will be delays to custom prescription glasses or reglazing orders. If you have an urgent requirement to replace broken glasses, please contact us and we’ll do our best to help. 

Meanwhile, as the better Spring weather approaches, please check out our range of non-prescription sunglasses that are available for delivery straight from stock!